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Lavender Spa



Relaxing facials: 45 munites/ VND 530.000
Soins offrant une détente à la peau faciale
Restore and moisturize your face and neck with the help of out aesthetician’s gentle digital pressure massage technique
Standard facials: 60 munites/ VND 630.000
Soins offrant une peau faciale standalisée suivant un style européen.
This treatment balances sebum production, decongests and revives dull skin, concentrating on extractions to deeply cleanse and refine the skins texture, leaving it smoother with a brighter complexion.
Facials treatment: 90 munites/ VND 740.000
Soins de la peau faciale suivant une thérapie approfontdée
Make softening the skin with botanical extracts and rich Vitamins. Your skin revives moistened followed by stimulates the blood circulation.

Body herbal: 45 - 60 munites/ VND 460.000
Plantes médicinales pour les soins corps
After you start using the herbal body wrap it will begin to show its affects on your body rather quickly. You will be able to decrease your waist size easily from using these wraps.
Body mub: 60 munites/ VND 460.000
Boue minérale pour les soins du corps
Before your mud wrap, sit in the steam room or sauna to help open up the pores of your skin. This will ensure that your body sucks up as many nutrients out of the mud as possible.
Relaxing body: 60 munites/ VND 530.000

Détente du corps
It is known that stress is a contributing factor to almost everything that ails modern man. On its simplest level, a little tension leaves you with butterflies in the tummy as the only physical sign. At the other end of the scale, when you suffer from constant, long-term stress and mental anxiety, you can end up with headaches, insomnia, loss of appetite, high blood pressure, nausea, loss of libido, low resistance, even a heart attack.
Body mask: 60 munites/ VND 420.000
Couche de boue couvrant le corps
A body mask is used to cleanse, detoxify and invigorate skin. Sad to say our skin is usually neglected, that is, all but the facial skin.
Relaxing mineral salt scrub: 30 munites/ VND 320.000
Gommer les cellules mortes par sel minéral
A blend of Dead Sea salts and Essential Oils beneficial in reducing stress and creating a general overall feeling of well being.
Sauna, steambath, jacuzzi: 40 munites/ VND 320.000
Bain d’air chaud/bain de vapeur d’eau

Aroma massage: 60 munites/ VND 530.000
Massage de l’huile d’essene arômatique
A technique combining the healing power of aroma essential oils and massage will leave you with a sense well-being. Experience this holistic approach to massage that promotes blood circulation and enhances the healing process that calming, energizing and cleansing effect of your body. Recommended for insomnia, fatigue, poor blood circulation, migraines, anxiety. Please try our wonderful massage with aromatherapy.
Vietnamese massage: 60 munites/ VND 430.000

Massage suivant une thérapie tradictionnelle du Vietnam
Our original styled massage is based on traditional Vietnamese massage technique. It helps loosen muscle tissue, release toxins from muscles and get blood and oxygen circulating properly. Especially, 4-hands massage is stimulating more effectively and create new sensation to you. This also assisting the body in relaxing and soothing.

Hot stone therapeutic massage: 60 munites/ VND 840.000
Massage à l`aide d`une pierre chaude
Heated stones are used to create a truly unique treatment experience. The heated stones are massaged over the body producing a profound state of relaxation, unlocking blocked energy and penetrating deep into the tissues relieving aches and pains, stimulating the circulation and increasing detoxification.
Foot massage: 45 munites/ VND 380.000
Massage des jambes et pieds
Relieve your tension with this special focus on your feet. Stimulate inner organs to work better, enhance a pressure point foot massage with hot towel compress.
Herbal package massage: 60 munites/ VND 740.000
Massage a`l`aide d`un petit sac des plantes médicinales
Ultimate body therapy. A gentle exfoliating, deep relaxation massage, with a soothing paraffin Herbal dip will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Haft legs (Hami-jambes): 30 munites/ VND 250.000
Full legs (Pleine-jambes): 60 munites/ VND 420.000
Haft arms (Demi-bras): 30 munites/ VND 170.000
Full arms (Plein-bras): 45 munites/ VND 300.000
Armpit (A`l’endroit de dessous des bras) 30 munites/ VND 170.000

Manicure: VND 170.000
Soins offrant au mains
Pedicure: VND 190.000
Soins offrant aux pieds
Manicure& Pedicure : VND 320.000
Soins des doigts de deux mains et deux pieds
Nails paint : VND 130.000
Ongles peints des mains
Toenail paint: VND 150.000
Ongles peints des pieds
Nails design: VND 250.000
Ongles avec dessins artistiques
Feer Calluses Treatment: VND 170.000
Pieds callosités traitement
Deluxe Pedicure: VND 320.000
Pédicure deluxe

Special Package: 3 Hours * Original Price: VND 1.030.000/net
* Special Price: VND 880.000/net

- Fool massage
- Back cleansing treatment
- Personalized facial
- Tea break

Couple Package: 195 munites/ VND 1.990.000
Double service:

-Body mineral salt scrub
Effacer les cellules mortes par sel mineral
-Aroma massage or Vietnamese massage
Massage de tout le corps avec de l’huile d’essence arômatique ou massage suivant nue therapie vietnamienne
-Deluxe medicure or deluxe pedicure
Service global rendu aux soins des ongles
-Fresh meal
Bliss Package: 120 munites/ VND 1.050.000
Service agre’able:
-Body mineral salt srub
Effacer les cellules m mortes par sel mine’ral
-Vietnamese mub wrap
Couvrir tout le corps par une couche de boue sui vant une the’rapie traditionnelle
-Aroma massage or Vietnamese massage
Massage de tout le corps avec de l’hile d’essence parfume’e ou massage suivant une therapie vietnamienne
-Fresh meal
Package: 300 munites/ VND 2.940.000
Service spe’cial:
-Hot stone therapy/ aromatherapy body massage
Massage de tout le corps a` l’aide d’une piere chaude ou avec d’essence de l’huile parfume’e
-Body mineral salt scrub
Effacer les cellules mortes de tout le corps par sel mine’ral
-Body wrap
E’tablir une couche de boue couvrant tout le corps
-Facial standard
Soins standalise’s rendus a` la peau faciale suivant une me’thode the’rapeutique asia_europe’enne
-Menicure & Pedicure
Soins des ongles
-Free cocktail
Cocktail gratuit
-Fresh meal